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Welcome to this homepage and the office for counseling and psychotherapy. It is for people and couples who are looking for support, a conversation or therapeutic accompaniment. I support you to be mindful of yourself, your situation and your life and to find a way to move on.      I am subject to confidentiality.

I offer you a trusting space to talk about a problem, a crisis  or a painful situation. This can be done in the form of a short accompaniment, as a communication aid, as irregular meetings or as therapy. Depending on what you need. 

Consultations are possible in English. Please call me or write an email: 0176/45766122 or The fee is 65 Euro p. 50 minutes. (40 euros for students and job seekers). Please pay in cash. The office-rooms are located at Jacobistraße7 in Dresden-Blasewitz.


I am a naturopath for psychotherapy,tested and approved by the State of Saxony. I work according to the principles of person-centred conversation therapy. I have completed a certified two-year training course at the Evangelical University of Dresden in client-centered conversation according to Carl R. Rogers and a four-year teaching self-therapy with a depth psychological focus. I am currently training in another humanistic psychotherapy method.

Area of spirituality:Do you have any questions or requests in the area of ​​spirituality? Do you need support or guidance in the spiritual area? Do you feel unsettled by sudden break-ins, outbreaks or breakthroughs in your life: Here you will find a safe space in which you can talk about it, be taken seriously and be heard.

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